Services at Grady-Ervin & Co.


Why settle for an almost fit, when a perfect fit is affordable and far less compromising. Made-to-measure clothing is just that; it’s made to fit you, perfectly. Over fifteen different measurements are taken to ensure that your body style and comfort are taken into account. At Grady Ervin and Co., the shirts and suits that you are fitted for reflect the care and commitment that only come from a custom suit and shirtmaker. They wear better, because they fit better.

Appointment Shopping:

If you need to set aside specific time for shopping or you’re in a bind, call ahead to let one of our sales staff know that you’re coming. We’ll be here waiting on you!


All alterations are included for the life of any garment you purchase from Grady Ervin & Co. Our two master tailors are truly the best at what they do.